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Religious Conflict and the Evolution of Abolitionism at Knox College


Exploring the differing abolitionist views of Congregationalists and Presbyterians in Galesburg and how this shaped Knox College's foundations. Written by Sophia Auron.

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The Success of a Failed Institution: The Differences Between Knox College and Oneida Institute

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A comparison between the two abolitionist colleges founded by George Washington. The similarities and differences between how Knox College and Oneida Institute were planned, structured, and ran, and how they ended up.

Written by Xander Robins

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Writing, Land, and the Founders: How Galesburg and Knox Mythologized their Origins


The founding of Galesburg and Knox College are intertwined, and so are the mythologization of each. From how the land was viewed and seen by the founders, to how later historians wrote about the founders, the history of Knox and Galesburg isn't as clear cut and admirable as many have made it seem. Written by Abigail King

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